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We have had a large influx of people joining the comm, but not everyone has filled in their disclaimer. The following people need to:

1. Copy this disclaimer:
I, (username) , member of hpvamp, am over the age of consent (insert age of consent)[if you do not know go with 18], in my region (insert name of region), and understand that the characters used herein are the property of J. K. Rowling et. al. I understand the content of the community is fanfic/art and that it will contain slash as well as het pairings. I have read the community policies, and shall abide by them.

2. Paste it as a reply on the post linked here
3. Fill in the bits between () with your own information
4. Click post comment

If you believe you have filled in the disclaimer, please link me to it in a comment on this entry and I will approve you. LJ sometimes fails to tell me about things and it gets lost.

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This is a two part post - please check BOTH parts.

People with no disclaimers )

People who have submitted disclaimers but have not clicked the join link )

Please, if there has been some confusion and you are on either list and are already a member, please comment and let us know.
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We have had quite a few disclaimers through from people who HAVE NOT clicked the join link to the comm. Even if we have your disclaimer we CANNOT bring you into the comm unless you have attempted to join.

If you have posted a disclaimer since the beginning of the month and are not yet a memeber of the comm, please click here and you will be added to the queue.
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Prompt Claims Which Have Not Been Submitted

Would the people who claimed the following prompts:

6, 8, 9, 12, 17, 20, 22, 25, 39, 40, 41, 70, 71, 73, 81 and 91

please contact us and let us know if they will be finishing the prompt or not. Comments are screened so you can just comment here. PLEASE INCLUDE THE NUMBER OF THE PROMPT WHEN YOU CONTACT US.

Those who do not alert us will not be elidgible for the next exchange we have on the comm.

If you are unsure which prompt you claimed, they are all listed here and you should be able to see your own claim post, but no one else's.

Apologies if there are any mistakes (please let us know as well if a prompt is listed above and it has been submitted - it may have been misfiled).
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Now that the challenge is is full swing, just a few reminders:

1)The vampauthor will remain anonymous until the mater list has been posted.

2)This is a community where all pairings, ratings and genres are welcome.

3)If you are an author, and would like to respond to the comments you get, please do so anonymously, or reply after the master list has been posted.

4)Please read and comment as much as you are able.

5)Take a chance - challenge yourself to read the rare pairings and ships you might not normally read - you may be surprised at the gems you find.

6)concrit is welcome. We all have something to learn. However, negative or hurtful comments are not welcome here.

7)All NC-17 fics will be locked. If you'd like to have access to them, please go to our [livejournal.com profile] hpvamp user info page and follow the THREE STEPS for membership.

8)Any questions? Comment here, or send a vampmail to hpvampwriting @ Gmail.com

Now, my children, let us feast on fresh bunnies!

ETA: We will be posting one fic a day since there are quite a few fests still running right now, and we didn't want to overload anyone. This way we'll all have plenty of time for reading and commenting. :)
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The vampbunnies have escaped!

Let us now declare the Free Range Vamp Bunny Challenge


Posting begins today!
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In light of LJ deleteing accounts - we now have backup comms on Insanejournal hpvamp at IJ and Greatestjournal hpvamp at GJ.

If you have accounts at either journal site please come and join us there as well. The joining instructions are just the same as here.

PLEASE remember your disclaimers. Thanks.

Feel free to repost there what you have posted here in the past.
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Just to let you know - no SPOILERS for Deathly Hallows outside an lj-cut until further notice.

If you write a fic that contains SPOILERS for Deathly Hallows please make sure you warn for them in the header of the fic.

If you post uncut or/and unwarned SPOILERS you will be removed from the comm for a minimum period of three weeks after which you will be allowed to re-apply for membership.


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